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IB Project Management’s foray into the world of 21st century business has, like the weather over these past couple of months, been changeable – periods of snow, sleet, ice and rain interspersed with the odd flash of spring. Exceptional invoices in October and November were followed by a bit of lull in December and January (no great surprise as all within the forecast) but a positive order book through to the end of the autumn leaves us with no doubt that this will be a good year for us.

The production of this year’s Top 100 Construction Companies gives hope for construction in general. The adaption of the industry over the past few years has resulted in overall revenue reported as up a few percentage points on the previous couple of years and profit being healthier. We are pleased to see two of our key customers retaining their positions in terms of both turnover and profit in the top 10, with Balfour Beatty at number one and Kier at numbers six and nine respectively. It’s also great to see our newest customer, Sisk, keeping its position in the top 50 in terms of turnover and rising to number 68 for profit.

Supporting Lifeways Group with the development of properties for new services as they reinforce their position one of the UK’s leading providers of support services for people with diverse and often complex needs, adds another dimension to our portfolio. We are looking forward to excellent relationships developing with both Sisk and Lifeways Group as we demonstrate how we can be of benefit to them now and into the future.

So, the harshest of the winter looks to be over, green shoots are definitely visible and the outlook for IB Project Management in 2013 is bright and sunny! #lovethebritishweather